Bob’s Chicken Gungas (Comfort Food, to be sure!)

CHICKEN GUNGAS (Comfort food from a good friend. Sort of Mexican lasagna).

Scale this recipe to whatever you need – like a lasagna, nothing is critical… I usually make this in an ovenproof soup pot 3 or 4 layers deep, but a Dutch oven or pyrex baking dish would work fine. Layer according to the depth and size of your baking dish.

2 cups Cooked chicken
1 heaping tbs ground cumin or to taste…
1 can Cream of chicken soup
1 can Cream of… mushroom/celery/whatever soup
Sufficient chicken broth to thin the ‘cream of…’ to a thick but runny texture
Tortillas. I prefer corn, but flour would work…
2 – 3 cups grated cheese I use cheddar, but cheddar/Jack would work, or Mexican cheese from your local deli

Mix the soups and broth together with the cumin in a large bowl.
Spread a small dollop of sauce in the bottom of the pan, then dip tortillas into the sauce and layer the bottom of the pan. Layer some portion of the chicken and cheese (here’s where you figure how to fit your ingredients into your pan…), dip and layer more tortillas, chicken and cheese, etc.

Cover the last of the chicken with one more layer of tortillas, pour the rest of the sauce over, sprinkle the last of the cheese on top, cover and bake at 350 – 375 until it bubbles. Uncover to crisp the top.


Thin the soups with green enchilada sauce and use pork for a chili verde version.

Add any number of flavorful ingredients, like chopped onions, chopped green or red peppers, spicy peppers or spices, etc.


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