~Day Of Gratitude~ 2014

Day 19

I’m grateful for simplicity. This photo, to me, sort of shows that. Simplicity can be lovely. And green simplicity? Well, green is a favorite color, so there’s that. I also happen to love the scent of the color green. As I was on walks this past week I could smell green a lot. (Maybe that doesn’t make sense to everyone, but there are certain scents that are just very much the color green.)


~Day Of Gratitude~ 2014

Day 18

Yesterday we went to the De Young Museum and saw the David Hockney show. Wow. I loved his work … SO incredibly colorful! We aren’t allowed to take any photos inside the galleries and, really, I prefer just enjoying them, although sometimes I wish I could grab a few shots just to jog my memory when I get back home. But I will remember those vivid colors, to be sure. Since I don’t have any of his work to show, though, I’ll instead post this photo. We headed over the bridge after visiting the museum, had some coffee, and headed up the hill at around 5:00 to check out the view. We live in an incredible area!