Well there’s much to be grateful for at the moment.

I’ll start with the “small”: I fell on my walk today. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not terrifically graceful, and I’ve fallen before, so this is no surprise. But I was wearing my handy “arthritis gloves” because my hands are giving me problems these days, so hands, while they hit the ground hard and I know I’ll hurt for that, weren’t scratched up or anything. I also landed hard on my knees, but aside from expected bruising they aren’t bad. Whew! So I’m grateful. It could have been worse.

And now the big and huge and all that …

I’m so grateful my sister found a wonderful condo, the purchase went quickly and smoothly, and she’ll still be within walking distance. Truly a miracle!

And finally …


’nuff said. :-)

Speaking of rain, this is my first shot from today’s walk:

First Shot: Aloe and Raindrops, 3.8.16
First Shot: Aloe and Raindrops, 3.8.16

~Day Of Gratitude~ 2014

Day 31

So this is the last day of these. At least for now.

I very rarely talk about my faith. I’m just not loud about it. But without it, I wouldn’t be doing my day of gratitude posts. Micah 6:8 is a verse that I love and wish I could follow better. I used this particular Bible because it is from Dan’s family and was given to someone on his mother’s side back in 1911. Amazing! Inside is the inscription, To Ed Tollefson with congratulations and best wishes, from Mother. July 16,1911. John 5:39 “Search the scriptures.” Cool.


~Day Of Gratitude~ 2014

Day 30

Yesterday I took a five mile walk. When I headed out the door I was absolutely delighted: I could smell that it had rained. I love that “first rain” smell. I love the raindrops on flowers. But of course if you know me you know I just love rain!


And I’m nearly done with these daily posts. Wow … January went by quickly. But this is my second to last “DOG” for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed them! I know I get very few readers here, but I will attempt to keep blogging for a while and see what happens. It may turn out I decide it’s just not worth it, but I also may decide it’s a great place to “dump” photos for any who are interested in seeing them.

~Day Of Gratitude~ 2014

Day 27

When we were in New York a friend gave me this duck as a Christmas gift. What a fun surprise! She had heard that we oboists like our ducks (and geese too, when it comes to me!) and thought of me when she saw this. This little guy now accompanies me on my photo walks. He’s the perfect walking companion: never says a word, doesn’t hinder my speed or lack thereof, and makes me smile every time I see him! Thank you Celia!


~Day Of Gratitude~ 2014

Day 26

A while back on Google+ an artist had a little contest: we were asked to guess which famous chef she met. I actually won! Because of that she sent me this very sweet “Tea Time” print.

Included in this picture is not only that, but also a picture a friend (hi Tyra!) made me as a gift, along with some of my other favorite things: a cup of tea a tulip, a card of one of Dan’s works, and of course my computer where I love to play around with my own photography!

So very grateful. (And many thanks to Christina Wynveen for sending me my prize!)


~Day Of Gratitude~ 2014

Day 25

This isn’t a great photo, but see how crowded it is down there? While Dan and I arrived before the place got crazy busy, the entrance was just packed with people by the time we were leaving the museum. Still, everyone manages to deal and get in. It appeared to me that some didn’t even bother to look at anything, but were just escaping the downpour.

This will be the final photo of New York for now. I found I didn’t shoot as much when I was there, and I also found I didn’t get a lot that I was terribly pleased with.

Truth be told, I’m feeling a bit too much pressure to come up with imaginative things for Day Of Gratitude posts, so I think I’ll only do a January Day Of Gratitude series and call it a year. After that I will most certainly be posting photos, and I will continue to be grateful, but I think it’s time to move on ….


~Day Of Gratitude~ 2014

Day 24

This is again in New York. We did visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, although I must confess I find it all a bit overwhelming. (Maybe next time I’ll make a plan and know what I want to see: I suspect that would help!) It was a very rainy day, and the place filled with people. At one point I was shooting this naked violinist and a guard was yelling at me. I couldn’t figure out what in the world he was saying, and finally he signaled for me to back away. I guess he thought the camera might fall onto a sculpture below. I had the strap around my neck so that wouldn’t have happened, but I suppose he didn’t know that. In any case, he scared me, but I have to say I’ve changed enough that I didn’t let it ruin my day. In the past I would have beat myself up over doing something stupid and being embarrassed in front of other people. So I’m grateful for the museum, but I’m also grateful that I’m not as hard on myself as I used to be. Too bad I didn’t get that yelling guard in focus, eh?

So what shall I title this? Hmm.

Sitting Man, Naked Man, Bust Man, Looking Man, Yelling Man. ;-)


~Day Of Gratitude~ 2014

Day 23

Taking a day off of New York … because I don’t purchase flowers very often, but I’m in love with these tulips and they looked so lovely I had to capture them while I could! They make me smile every time I walk by them. I love to decorate for different special days and right now I’m set up for Valentine’s day. Can you tell?