~Day Of Gratitude~ 2012

Day 182

It’s sunflower season here, I guess, because I’m sure seeing a ton of them. I think I’ll feature them for a few days. I’m grateful for their sunny looks. Some that I’ve found are so high up I have to use the telephoto lens to really capture them at all. Much of the time I find them with at least a bee or two. This one, though, was seen on an early cloudy morning and the bees hadn’t yet gotten to it. (They came shortly after this was shot, though.) I suppose it’s not a perfect shot for those who are real photographers, but I loved the white background. (That’s really just the cloudy sky.)

Stay tuned for a few more of these happy flowers.

~Day Of Gratitude~ 2012

Day 181

I’m so grateful Dan and I can afford tickets to San Francisco Opera. I’m grateful, too, that he enjoys going! (Not everyone is married to a spouse who enjoys opera, you know?!) Tuesday night was our final opera of the season, so we had a lovely dinner out first. It was quite yummy, and the opera was great. Grateful, grateful, grateful!

~Day Of Gratitude~ 2012

Day 178

This is a sort of Sorry/Grateful post. I’m sorry because this is so darn painful. I’m grateful because it does save lives. And today you get a “twofer” too … because I liked the sign and I figured some may never have seen this torture machine before.

And yes, I had a smashing good time yesterday. (Just the annual routine visit so don’t be worrying, please!) But hey, if it keeps me alive, I’m okay with that.

PS These are merely iPhone photos. I didn’t even think about taking photos of this until I got there. I’m not sure what they would have said had they caught me shooting these. Is it allowed? I dunno!

~Day Of Gratitude~ 2012

Day 177

Hmm. I’m not sure we’ll get to eat all these apricots … they tend to ripen too quickly, and there are critters around here that like them. But look at this tree! In the past few years we’ve really gotten nothing from this, and I was ready to have it removed. I guess it must have heard me talking about it.

(Sorry for the not-so-great photo, but it was rather bright out, and I knew I wanted to get this up so I shot the picture anyway.)

Some Flower Photos

I’ve put a bunch of flower photos up at Google+, but I just realized some who read this blog don’t go there, so I’ll put a few flower photos up here that you may have missed. Just in case you care. (There are even more … you might consider joining Google+ if you want to see ’em.)

Pink Gladiolus Close-Up:

Pink Gladiolus Close-Up II:

Pink, White & Yellow Gladiolus:

Sunflower Close-Up:

Yellow Lily Close-Up:

Yellow Lily Close-Up II:

Yellow Gladiolus Close-Up:

Red Gladiolus Close-Up:

Red Gladiolus Close-Up: