~Day Of Gratitude~ 2012

Day 151

Today was a long day, and after all that has happened in the past two weeks I have to admit I was finding it difficult to figure out what to put up here. It’s not that I’m ungrateful, because I truly am very grateful. I’m grateful for all the years I’ve had with my mom. I’m grateful my brothers were both able to see her before she died. I’m grateful for everyone who cared for her at the hospital, both workers there and a lovely friend and my sisters-in-law who were so wonderful with her. I’m even grateful (although it was a bit much) for the work I had yesterday and today — Today I had a rehearsal, a rather long sound check and a performance of Mary Poppins and going back to work is good for me, I know. But what could I post here? I’ve not been on any big walks for over a week (nearly two, actually). I’ve taken very few photos. But then I ran across this one, from the same house I wrote about earlier. My thought when I saw it again was, “Oh, mom would like this one!” So I guess it’s another flower for mom today. I’m grateful that there will always be things that immediately bring her to mind and make me smile.