~Day Of Gratitude~ 2012

Day 146

Yesterday I went on an extremely short walk, but ran across (okay, no running involved) a yard with some stunning flowers in front. As I was shooting some Alstremeria the owner arrived. I think I probably freaked him out a bit — finding someone in your yard is probably pretty troubling — but when I explained what I was doing he actually invited me to see the backyard. WOW! It was incredible. it was like a little paradise, waterfall and all. There were hanging flowers, more Alstremeria, and so much more. I am very insecure shooting with someone right there, so I didn’t take any time … just snap, snap, snap … but I just have to put this up. I’m grateful for the beauty of the yard, for these fascinating fish, and for a very generous man who allowed me in to his wonderful Eden.

Life is hard right now. Life isn’t very pleasant. But every minute of this life is precious. I am trying to remember that continually. And trying to remember to be grateful as much as possible.