~Day Of Gratitude~ 2012

Day 143

I’m especially grateful for my walks these days, since my mother is so ill and life is a bit difficult right now. I’m also grateful for my mother, of course. I wonder if her love of flowers is part of why I’m so fascinated by them now. I’ve avoided writing about her health because, to be honest, it’s just difficult to put on the blog. I suppose, though, that I should just go ahead and admit that she is ill and I am sad. But I’ll leave it at that.

Yesterday’s walk took me to an area I hadn’t wandered into yet, because there are no through streets so I’d just not headed that direction. I’m SO glad I went there, though! First off, I ran into some flowers I’d never seen before. Secondly, I ran into a lovely couple (whose house featured those flowers) and we had a very nice chat. I hope they manage to locate this website and see this photo! (I finally remembered to bring a card along with my website address. I should always have those cards with me so if I end up yakking with a homeowner I can suggest they look for the flower(s) on the pattyo!) I took a few more photos of this flower, called a bulbine, but I actually may head back there again and get some better close-ups of these. I realized later that with all my yakking I neglected to get a great shot!

The world is an extraordinary place. The camera teaches me that more and more, both in the larger landscapes and in these amazing little flowers.