~Day Of Gratitude~ 2012

Day 139

This is the apartment that Dan and I lived in when we were first married. I remember when my mother and I found this place … and the price was incredibly low for a two bedroom, one bathroom with a large living room and kitchen! I remember the Indian feast we had here. I remember hosting a party for my coworkers at CLO (Civic Light Opera, later called American Music Theatre San Jose) which I thought was incredibly fancy … looking back I remember people had to sit on the floor (we didn’t have enough chairs) and it was blistering hot in the place. Everyone else was at least fifteen years older than I and I’m sure they all got together later and had a little laugh about it all. Ah well! I remember the morning I was so mad at Dan and we were fighting and he suddenly said, “Look, it’s snowing!” and I was angry and said it wasn’t funny to joke when we were in the middle of a fight but, sure enough, it was snowing outside! So many wonderful memories. Our place was upstairs over the two garages … you can see the two bedroom windows and the bathroom window in between. The first door on the left was where we went up the stairs … we even managed to get a piano up those inside stairs!