~Day Of Gratitude~ 2012

Day 115

One of the strongest memories I have of our trip is entering Arches National Park. Dan and I hadn’t really done any reading about the parks we were visiting, so the shock of the place was incredible. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard Dan react in the way he did … a bit of awestruck laughter ensued. (At least that’s how I remember it. Dan?) It was incredibly windy while we were there, so a lot of my photos aren’t exactly in focus. (Dan is much more patient about waiting for the lull, and he also uses a tripod which helps. He even got me to use a tripod, finally, when we went to Canyonlands. I certain see the benefits, but I’m so lazy I don’t want to carry one around all the time!)

In the far right corner you see a rock that is called Sheep Rock (it does sort of look like a sheep at rest, as well as the Three Gossips. I think I would have called them the Three Magi instead, but what do I know?!)