Leaving Los Vegas

… made me very, very happy.

I try hard not to whine on this blog. I do that enough on my oboe blog, yes? But really … why would anyone want to go to Las Vegas for a vacation? It’s such a distasteful place. Both times we were there for our trip we had encounters with drunk people. Both times the cigarette smoke on our non-smoking floor was awful. Both times the music was too loud. Contrary to shows that make it appear that people are rich, beautiful and sexy, we saw your every day, tired looking sort. I suspect most dream of making a killing. I suspect most go home disappointed. As I told Dan when we were leaving the second time, I’d prefer to go elsewhere when we have to find a spot for the night when heading to Zion or other destinations. Even while we didn’t even spend a nickel gambling, we are supporting the industry by staying and eating there. My task before we go back that direction will be to find happier alternatives.

Still, there were a few things I snapped shots of that made me smile. Here’s one for you!

~Day Of Gratitude~ 2012

Day 100

What a fantastic trip! Dan and I arrived home Sunday evening, and while I’m grateful to be home (I love my own bed), I am grateful for the ability to take a vacation like we did, grateful for my wonderful husband who did the majority of the driving and is a great traveling companion, and grateful for the beauty we saw everywhere we drove. It really was quite amazing. Oh … and I’m grateful for a very comfortable car that takes us where we want to go!

Needless to say, this particular photo is just a “quick post” sort of photo. I hope to find that some of what I took will turn into something good. Time will tell!