And the rest …

Hmmm. Guess I could have posted everything together, couldn’t I? Silly me!

Seven: duck confit basteeya, green plum, turnip, buckwheat:

Seven Point One (because this was an extra):

Eight: squab foi gras endive:

Nine: This was to replace the beef since Dan and I don’t eat red meat. I wish I could remember what it was. Squab, maybe? With baby corn, onion and green almond if the other ingredients that were with the wagyu beef are the same for this dish:

Next up … desserts!:

Ten: grapefruit granita, rose parfait

Eleven: pear, white chocolate mousse, hazelnut:

Twelve: mignardises (a bit blurry, but oh well … by this time I think my brain wasn’t functioning at all!):

Thirteen: granola for the next morning:

Thus ends our evening at Aziza. Fanciest meal I’ve ever had!


… this is razor clam, rice cake and broccoli. I asked our server what the flowers were and we were told they are chrysanthemum if I’m remembering correctly.

More from Aziza

I forgot, I’m sorry to say, to take a photo of our second course, which was a quail egg cooked to perfection, sitting on chicken crackling, with pickled onion. But here is the third — coconut panna cotta, caviar and brioche