It’s SO Easy to Point Fingers

Sometimes my heart aches when reading the generalizations I find on social network sites, and part of me thinks I should leave them. Especially Facebook.

So many people post things that are true, or hold some truth. Others post things that are so general and it really hits me hard. Especially of course, if it’s about something of which I am a part.

People post about about Republicans. About Democrats. About Christians. About Atheists. About other people of varying faiths. Yes, there might be some truth in generalizations, but frequently there are also some lies. I just wish, rather than harshly criticizing others, we (and yes, myself included) spent our time differently. Name calling those we don’t agree with is pretty easy to do, and somewhat safe. What if we pointed out the errors of our own groups and worked on improvement?

That’s not to say we can’t write about things that trouble us. I realize we all have opinions. It’s the generalizations that I find so troubling. “ALL “you name what you hate” are crazy.” That just doesn’t work for me … and we all do it. After all, we all have fingers. And keypads. And most of us have Facebook.

I dunno. Just pondering. It’s just so easy to point fingers and it just seems there’s no use in pointing fingers. Unless we’re pointing to the truth, of course.

That is all. Please don’t blast me out of the water. Even if I’m all wet.

Here, have some flowers recently posted everywhere else for putting up with me!




Feeling Weary

… and sort of … I dunno … maybe OLD is the word.

I have some important work in this week’s concerts and I’m just tired and sad. I don’t know why: I’ve got no good reason that I can think of. I know people are going to smile knowingly and say, “Menopause”. I don’t want to hear it, so if that’s what you come up with keep it to yourself. I might hit you otherwise!

But I’m tired and sad and I will probably forever wonder if I really am a musician. Isn’t it funny how that goes? I think so. Fun-sad kind of funny.

Oh well.

Here … have some flowers: