I’m not keeping this up!

I’ve been pretty bad about posting here. After starting my photography site I’ve found it very difficult to take care of this site. My oboe blog isn’t exactly lively either, but I do have daily posts there so at least something goes up.

So the question is …

Do I continue to maintain this?!

I do, after all, post my photos on the photography blog, so if someone wants to see those they are easily accessible.

Maybe I need to remind myself of what I used to do on this blog: it was primarily a place to ramble, ponder, and fill family in on what is happening here. (I know one family member reads these; I doubt anyone else does, although I never check the stats to see — I think there’s a way to check, although I’m rather clueless about that!)

Anyway, here are some photos that have recently appeared elsewhere … just because. (And red for the season.)Red_Passion_Flower,_12.10.14







Something New

I’ve started a new website, and I am hoping to sell some of my photography. I did, in fact, sell one print, which is what spurred me on! I don’t know where all of this will lead … perhaps nowhere at all. But I want to give it a go.

You can see the website by clicking here.

Or you can just read this blog and see whatever I remember to post here. You decide. :-)







Bird Of Paradise

I used to dislike these plants immensely. The “flower” didn’t seem like a real flower. The bird (really the spathe, sepals and petals) seemed rather haughty. But now? The camera can sure change my mind about something. I’ve shot this bird over and over, and I’ll probably continue to do so. Here are just some of what I have, so that an oboe friend (Hi Elizabeth!) can see more of what I have. (But yes, I should work on even more of these guys!) This first one is my latest. The others are in random order.









Family Fun

We enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving with Kelsey and Mel (our daughter and son-in-law) this past Thursday. This was a first for us: we’ve had Thanksgiving at our house pretty much since we purchased our home, although I’m sure there were a few at our parents’ houses in the first few years. It was fun to let someone else do the work, and the meal was certainly delicious! I’m so grateful to have been able to visit with them, too. I’d post a photo of our dinner, but I’ve yet to start working on those pictures. (I’m just hoping I came up with a few that are decent: flora is easier to shoot.) Since I have no Thanksgiving photos I’ll just post an ornamental pear leaf instead. Just because.


Weight & Yours Truly

I never weigh myself. Ever.

I used to. I used to weigh myself both in the morning and in the evening. When I had started my walking thing a few years back I was overweight and I was quite aware of that. I didn’t walk, though, to lose weight. I walked to get more healthy. What I didn’t realize was that I would lose thirty pounds from walking! I had no clue I could even lose that much weight simply by heading out on little walks.

But the scale became my enemy.

As I explained to Dan the other day, no matter what I weighed (or weigh, as this continues), I wanted (no, want!) to weigh five pounds less. Yes, indeed, if I weigh myself now I’d think I need to lose five pounds more.

I suppose it’s sort of like my music making: any time I play something I know it can be better: any time I weighed myself I knew I could weigh less.

So I put the scale away. I know when I’m getting lazy about exercise. My clothing tells me when I add weight that I don’t want or need. My Fitbit tells me when I’ve been slacking. But the scale only tells me “You should weigh five pounds less!” so I had to get rid of the darn thing.

Yep. I’m crazy that way.

Here … have some flowers for putting up with crazy old me! (These are all from back when iw as playing the Mendocino Music Festival in July. I may have posted them before: my brain is in a muddle so I can’t remember!)









News No One Can Use

Yesterday I was 57.
Today I am 58.
Our new coffee maker arrived yesterday.
I took a seven mile walk today.
Walks are a great way to celebrate a birthday.
Dan put candles on my birthday grilled cheese sandwich.

AND … here are some photos of things I’ve put up on Google+, Facebook and Ello:










Ah, Coffee!

(Yes, this is a post that is also at oboeinsight. It’s just that important!)

I love my latté, and have one in the morning and sometimes one before teaching in the afternoon. It looks like our lovely Silvia has finally died. Poor old girl.

The Rancilio HSD-SILVIA Silvia Espresso Machine lived a good long life, especially considering how poorly we maintained it. The next one will receive proper attention and I’m hopeful it’ll last much longer. Yes, the girl can be replaced. Must be, in fact.