Walking Through Life

If I don’t walk for a day I am bummed. If I don’t walk for more I’m sort of a mess. I am finding this whole walking thing is so darn good for my head that I’ve come to rely on it. I’m learning, though, that walking with a camera isn’t always necessary. This is a good thing, since bringing the camera along with me adds at least 30 minutes to the walk, and more like an hour. Sometimes I do see something I want to come back to, though, and I’m finding I’d better either write down the address or area or I’d better snap a quick iPhone shot. A while back I saw something I was dying to shoot and for the life of me I can’t remember where it is now. All I can say is it must be four miles or less from my house. Big help that is!

Anyway, more photos … because …

And yes, I shoot more than flowers sometimes!


… how about some orange for the Giants?! (I’m getting a bad feeling about this year, but I usually have a bad feeling so ignore me!)







The Painting Is Done

For now!

We still have more to do, but the living room will be completed in November. I’ve been delighted with the outcome, although I do see a few spots that will need some attention. This house sure has some bad wood on the east side, too. I rarely go over there, so I wasn’t aware of just how horrible some spots are. Oh well. It’s an old house. It’s to be expected.

At some point I should figure out how to post some house shots here: our house is just a pain to photograph, though. For now I’ll just post … guess?! … yep … flowers.








The Painting Continues

I love what our painters are doing, but I’ll be so glad to have the house put back together. These guys are so nice, and so easy to have around, but I so value my privacy. Dan has gone on a photo trip and I just want my alone time! Ah well. It’s way past time that this all should have been done (and more should really be done, but it all costs money!) I am still able to go on walks, and I’m still doing a wee bit of photography, but I’m not feeling as into it because of the chaos and I’m also busy stressing about the next opera. (Why oh why did my tongue have to get so darn slow? I never used to have to fret over things like this!)

(Did I really use the word “but” as many times as I think I did? Yes. But oh well ….)

In any case, here are some shots I recently made.









Ah, the Social Places I Go

There’s Facebook. Ever intrusive. I have a lot of friends there, and lots of musical colleagues.
There’s Google+. Photographer’s dwell there. Few musicians do. It seems to be dwindling away for many.

And now there’s Ello. You can find me here if you already have an account. Not sure if you can see me if you don’t.

Where will all of this lead, I wonder? Maybe Facebook will catch on that we don’t want constant ads, and that we really DO want to choose what to see rather than having them hide certain people from us. (I can’t even see my own daughter’s things without going directly to her page.)

Or maybe not.

Mostly I wonder how long these things will last. Will we grow weary of them, just like so many have jumped of the blog bandwagon? Hmm. Guess we’ll know when we know.

Here … have some flowers that I’ve recently posted …





The Last Times … And Symphony Begins Again

Tomorrow our painters arrive bright and early and start work on the exterior of the house. This house was last painted in the fall of 1989. I know this because we did our remodel, beginning the day Jameson was born. I’ll never forget the photos Dan showed me as I was still in the hospital with our new little guy: walls were completely missing from our place. Needless to say, we had moved out so the extensive remodel could happen. For this remodel of the family room and new windows in the living room we didn’t move out, and we just dealt with the chaos. (Well, Dan dealt more than I, since I was in Mendocino for a full week when it was happening.) The family room painting did create dust, as the painters carefully sanded all the new wood around the windows, but it wasn’t as crazy as the bigger window remodel mess. I’m assuming this coming week won’t be as difficult to deal with, since the work takes place outside. I do know, though, that they will have to mask our windows at some point. I’m guessing that might be a challenge for me: I love having our windows open! Still, I am so anxious to have this done, and so curious to see the end results. I’m a wee bit fearful of the trim: it seems a bit whiter than I might have chosen, but oh well. It will be what it will be. And it will, I’m guessing, be that way until we either move or die.

How strange it is to be thinking that much of what we are now doing is the “last time” stuff. We are redoing the family room. It won’t happen again. We are painting the house. Odds are that won’t happen again either. We are probably buying a new car and it’s highly likely it will be the last big car we purchase. No, I’m not ancient, but we don’t do these things frequently or flippantly. So this whole “last time” thing is weird, startling, and, believe it or not, sort of comforting to me as well. I can’t really explain, so you’ll just have to trust me on that one!

But today, of course, was a “first” … our first set of the Symphony Silicon Valley season took place. I have VERY little to play, and mostly sat on stage and enjoyed my colleagues’ wonderful playing. What a fantastic job I have!

Here are a few photos posted this past week on Google+ and Facebook. As you can see, the first few are a bit buggy: