What is it like?

So I was thinking about what I feel like when my ear is out of whack and vertigo is in full swing. I’m not sure I can explain it. Maybe I can show a photo of what I feel like … but even this isn’t quite there.


I’ve posted blur photos before and suggested that’s sort of how I feel, but they were softer. Here is the same shot above, in fact, as I prefer it. It’s nice, though. And when I’m having ear issues, it is not at all nice.


But maybe I need off kilter colors … because, really, that’s more appropriate for how I feel …


Oh never mind. It’s not possible to show how something feels, I guess.

Thankfully I”m feeling more like the middle one now, moving toward normal. Or as normal as I’m capable of being. :-)

Shades of Red and Orange

These past few days have been spent with dizziness and ear issues. I do believe I’m finally on the mend, but once I’m over the hump I feel pretty darn beat up. I’m sure these are triggered by something … I just haven’t figured out what, yet!

Still, how can I complain? I have friends who are struggling with much more serious issues. I ache for them. Life is so hard for some, and it doesn’t seem fair, really.

I certainly have a life of relative ease. I’ve never gone hungry. I’ve never gone without a roof over my head. I’ve been pretty darn healthy, aside from “the dizzies” and my ear issues.

AND I get to enjoy gorgeous flowers nearly every day!






Busy Weeks Are Great for the Pocketbook

… and they are also great for my well being, even while I’m also exhausted. It’s GOOD to have work. It makes me feel like I’m doing something of worth. It also helps pay bills. Paying bills is a good thing.

Of course there’s the downsides, but I just have to deal. The house is messier than it should be. I’m weary. I ache a bit from sitting in a chair for a long time, and my hands really hurt from holding that English horn so much.

But today is recovery day! I’m sure I’ll get over the “stuff” and just have wonderful memories of working with a great group of musicians.

Below are just some of the things I’ve posted recently, in no particular order. Stay tuned for more, too … I do, after all, post at least two photos a day on Google+ and Facebook!







Week Two, Over ‘n Out

Musicals get easier as time goes on, but I find they continue to take energy: if I did pull back on that my playing just wouldn’t be “me” and I don’t want to go there. This was an easier week, with only one opera rehearsal, eight Wicked performances and thirteen students. What made it a bit more difficult, though, was being home alone. I’m rather spoiled, having a husband who grocery shops and cooks. With him away, I just ate the leftover carrot soup each night. Then I quickly grocery shopped yesterday so I’d have something to eat for the next few days. I look forward to his return and my return to being spoiled!

I haven’t done a lot of photography. These shots, though, are from my Friday trip to Filoli and a local walk.

Today is my day off. I do relish it when I’m this busy!









One Week Done

Wicked is not a difficult musical to play, but doing any show 8 times a week (plus rehearsals) can zap me. Last week I walked, but left the camera at home since I knew I just wouldn’t have the time to stop and shoot. Today was my first walk with the camera, and I still barely shot … I think my brain is rather fried!

Dan left today for a 10 day trip, so I have the house to myself, which means I’ll attempt to clean a bit. I’m not sure, though, how much I’ll accomplish since I do have the eight Wicked performances, one Rigoletto rehearsal and thirteen students.

Below are some flora I’ve posted recently on Google+ and Facebook. All of these were made when I was up in the Mendocino area. All but one are from the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens. The Crocosmia was from in front of my host’s house and was shot the very day I arrived. Oh … and have I ever mentioned you can see my photos on Flickr as well?