I’ve been negligent

I’ve not posted here for quite some time … and no wonder, since this blog really no longer matters. But here’s an Italy post for you:

… and so things are drawing to a close. We leave our wonderful villa tomorrow morning. Six of our party have left already and tomorrow Dan and I say goodbye to all but one who will now travel with us for the remainder of our journey. (Firenze, here we come! We may only see you for a few days, but we will do what we can in that time!)

Things are quieter here at the villa.

And gee, I never did put on my bathing suit. Silly, costly, and weighing more than anything else expense. Oh. Well.

What a joy this trip has been. What GREAT fun to see family, witness a wonderful wedding, meet my grandnephew for the first time, and truly enjoy great company, great food, great drink and good everything else together.

Tonight I neglected to get a family photo. Just imagine us, though: eating, drinking, laughing, sharing family stories ….

I will be sad tomorrow to say goodbye to the remaining six, and sadder still when I realize we have to leave this lovely country on Monday. But life goes on, work calls, and I have to (very quickly) relearn how to play oboe!

BUT … doesn’t it seem that it should be rather easy to play opera after spending over a week in Italy?

Yes. Yes it should.

Time will tell.

For now, though … ciao!ChiantiHills

Trip Notes

Since I’ve decided not to send any more trip reports to family (realizing they aren’t interested!), I’m dumping notes here so I remember them for later. These are merely my sketch notes, so sorry to the one or two who might actually visit this site! Just ignore, please!

July 31 Flight from La Guardia to DC … lightening … delay … missed flight … staying over at a hotel

Aug 1 DC to LHR … guy putting seat back. Not bad service and not bad flight was great relief … arrived at night, stayed at Motel One, ate there, finding motel in rain

Aug 2 Tuesday: first full day in London: First day in London: wrote about to family, stayed at Motel One, rain, walked about … Laurie Tvedt concert, ate seafood place …

Aug 3 Wednesday: old hotel and the crazy burst pipe in the lobby, moved to new hotel in Greenwich, Cutty Sark, crazy train ride day, whim … went to Royal Albert Hall; bus driver in back and litter, ate at RAH, Dvorak and Bluebeard’s Castle

Aug 4 Thursday: took a train to Colchester … spent day there … back to hotel before dinner … dinner at Indian restaurant where, at the end the man asked us about who we would vote for and suddenly became much more friendly when we told him :-)

Think About It …

So let’s say you are starving and someone says, “You can ask for a carrot. You can ask for a potato. Oh, OR you can ask for corn, but then you won’t get anything.” And your favorite thing in the world is corn. You would give anything to have a fresh ear of corn. Corn makes you so happy and it’s like comfort food to your soul. Would you really ask for the corn? You know you won’t get that, and you don’t know if you will get the carrot or the potato now. Someone else will choose for you. You have to eat whatever is stuck before you. Honest? You still asked for corn?

I’m just sort of pondering …