News No One Can Use

Yesterday I was 57.
Today I am 58.
Our new coffee maker arrived yesterday.
I took a seven mile walk today.
Walks are a great way to celebrate a birthday.
Dan put candles on my birthday grilled cheese sandwich.

AND … here are some photos of things I’ve put up on Google+, Facebook and Ello:










Ah, Coffee!

(Yes, this is a post that is also at oboeinsight. It’s just that important!)

I love my latté, and have one in the morning and sometimes one before teaching in the afternoon. It looks like our lovely Silvia has finally died. Poor old girl.

The Rancilio HSD-SILVIA Silvia Espresso Machine lived a good long life, especially considering how poorly we maintained it. The next one will receive proper attention and I’m hopeful it’ll last much longer. Yes, the girl can be replaced. Must be, in fact.

Meeting A Home Owner & Shooting A Flower (or two)

As I was shooting the flowers below the homeowner came out to chat (If you are reading this, it was great to meet you, Richard!). He asked about the name of the flower and of course I couldn’t remember. All I had to do, though, was google “flower like large trumpet” and that filled me in. Then I headed to Wikipedia to find out JUST how poisonous this plant, also called “Angel’s Trumpets”, can be. (Richard and I had discussed a bit about that as well). They are gorgeous flowers, but boy is this plant a dangerous one!

All parts of Brugmansia are poisonous, with the seeds and leaves being especially dangerous.[18][22] Brugmansia are rich in Scopolamine (hyoscine), hyoscyamine, and several other tropane alkaloids.[23] Effects of ingestion can include paralysis of smooth muscles, confusion, tachycardia, dry mouth, diarrhea, migraine headaches, visual and auditory hallucinations, mydriasis, rapid onset cycloplegia, and death.

Read more about the plant here.

Brugmansia, 11.6.14


Ah Utah!

I love the place. The beauty of the parks is beyond belief. The beers are funny, too. I mean, “Polygamy Porter” is pretty good! But the one pictured here (and one I wound up not drinking: I’m so used to Dan driving I ordered a beer, but someone kindly reminded me that I was behind the wheel!) is for you bike lovers out there.







Falls_at_Emerald_Pools (I),_10.27.14



Walking Through Life

If I don’t walk for a day I am bummed. If I don’t walk for more I’m sort of a mess. I am finding this whole walking thing is so darn good for my head that I’ve come to rely on it. I’m learning, though, that walking with a camera isn’t always necessary. This is a good thing, since bringing the camera along with me adds at least 30 minutes to the walk, and more like an hour. Sometimes I do see something I want to come back to, though, and I’m finding I’d better either write down the address or area or I’d better snap a quick iPhone shot. A while back I saw something I was dying to shoot and for the life of me I can’t remember where it is now. All I can say is it must be four miles or less from my house. Big help that is!

Anyway, more photos … because …

And yes, I shoot more than flowers sometimes!


… how about some orange for the Giants?! (I’m getting a bad feeling about this year, but I usually have a bad feeling so ignore me!)