How My Brain (doesn’t) Work

When someone says, “I especially like your succulent photos,” I hear, “I don’t like anything else you do.”

When someone says, “Nice hair style!” I hear, “Finally.”

When someone says, “Great solo,” I hear, “It’s the first one you’ve ever done well.”

Yep. I have very twisted brain.

I’m working o it. I really am. I hear those mean old voices and I try hard to stifle them. I suppose the will always be there, though. They are pesky that way.

But here … have some pink flowers. Maybe you’ll even like one of them.

Maybe not.








Depending Upon My Calendar!

Whew … for some reason I thought opera began the week after this.

Nope. It starts this week.

It’s a VERY good thing that I have a calendar, and that I check it frequently. I’m sure I’d have realized I had opera before the Thursday rehearsal since I see some colleagues beginning tomorrow, but I much prefer knowing now so I can start wrapping my head around what is a completely crazy week. I’m also glad I checked the latest schedule sent to us for the Lord of the Rings: turns out a few things have been tweaked by 30 minutes or so. That makes a huge difference sometimes, and in this case it meant having to cancel a student. I am starting to wonder if I’m actually losing a bit of money due to taking on this job. I sure hope not!

Meanwhile I am fretting over taxes, when they have been taken out of my hands and I need to learn to let ‘em go. Next year will be easier, but trusting the tax preparer when they have to do a huge amount of work and some of it feels like guesswork to me is pretty scary. Ack!

Meanwhile … here some flowers I’ve posted recently. Just because.











Flowers At Filoli

I took a little trek to Filoli today. I had a feeling the tulips would be in full bloom now.

I was close to correct. The ground tulips were blooming … and some were past blooming. The potted tulips had all already been removed, aside from those by the front door of the mansion.

I suspect the drought is having its way with flowers: nothing was as close to as stunning as years past. Still, there were a variety of flowers — there is always something lovely to see. I’m certainly glad I went: next week I’m guessing most of the tulips will be gone. I’m so hoping next year is full of rain and the garden is once again what it was in the past. Only time will tell.