It’s celebration time again
— or is it time to mourn?
For fifty-nine long years ago
they tell me I was born.

Funny, but I can’t recall
that celebrated day at all.

Still Here

Over the hill, but not dead yet,
I do admit I might forget
just what I came to Target for
and when WAS it that I last wore
this outfit? Was it yesterday?
Oh dear, my brain is far away.
Still, I will deal and I will cope
and stick around a while (I hope!)
I like the ride downhill, though fast,
and hope the ride will last and last.

I Just Posted This On Facebook

… so I’m posting it here too. Because.

I’m a jumble of emotions at the moment. Having played Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro I’m just overjoyed by the wonder of all that is Mozart. What an honor to get to play the oboe solos in that work and I hope I come close to doing them justice. (What would Mozart think, I wonder?!) What a DELIGHT to hear my fantastic colleagues play so beautifully and hear the marvel that is the human voice up on stage!

Meanwhile the horrors of recent events around the world cause me great sorrow. We have such a broken world. It’s not only Paris. We focus on that because so many have a love for the city (a place I hope to visit sometime, as I’ve never been), but there are so many attacks in so many places and it is heart breaking. (I made the mistake (?) of looking up “terrorist bombings in 2015 and it was horrifying). Broken, broken, broken world.

And then reading some posts here causes me discomfort as well. The hatred of refugees troubles me greatly. The fear of those who aren’t like us because of something like skin color or religion or so many other things does the same.The mocking and the harsh words (some aimed at my own faith — I don’t expect people to agree with me, but must you mock so loudly, I wonder?) are tough for me to take — I’m wimpy that way. I do a lot of the “hide this post” thing these days, but I will soon be deleting “friends” who are so harsh I simply can’t handle it any longer. (I put “friends” in quotes because most aren’t people I’ve even met in real life!)

Still, I know I’m guilty in the mocking as well. I’m harsh and I’m judgmental, I get bad cases of the uglies” in my behavior and I do so much of what I do for the wrong reasons. So I apologize for that.
It’s such a mix of highs and lows. But still I see beauty and I will, i think, continue to post my goodnight flower, even while I wonder about the “why of it all”. Am I doing this for my ego? Probably. I think we do nearly everything for our egos. But then again, maybe that’s just me being a negative Nellie.

In any case, goodnight dear world. Keep turning. Or don’t. You choose.

Goodness, that was a true pattyramble™, wasn’t it?! Haven’t done one of those in a while! NO comments necessary, please. This is just an explanation of where I’m at at the moment.

Rose against Black, 3.3.15

Hm. Perhaps it’s time to give this site up!

I realize I’ve pondered this before and I haven’t managed to get rid of it, but ‘ve not posted anything for a while again, and I only use this site to dump photos. It seems like I should just retire it. I suppose I should ask Dan how to go about doing that, since I know nothing!

It is November 7 and I’ve yet to make one photo this month, aside from iPhone shots. I’m not sure when I’ll be in the camera mood, so oh well! Meanwhile, here’s something from two years ago. I think I do a better job now, but it’s still fun to look back. :-)

Osteospermum, 11.7.13

My Kind Of Day!

A cloud-wrapped day
with all the gray
sends melancholy
far away.

Truly. I love gloomy days. They make me far from gloomy. So my walk today was so very enjoyable, and I’m one happy girl to have taken a close to eight mile walk under cloud cover.

I wound up at the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden and I wasn’t disappointed by the roses. They were pretty darn amazing. This is just my first shot — I know I’ll have better ones in the bunch and I look forward to working on them. First, though, I must get dinner going and I hear an English horn calling my name!

First Shot: Ketchup & Mustard, 10.19.15

What To Do With Arms

Poetry time: I’ve had the line “What to do with arms while sleeping” in my head for years. I’m tossing this one out into the world, but I will continue to ponder how to make the line work. This poem is a pantoum.

What To Do With Arms

The question lingers:
What to do with arms?
While sleeping what is best?
Where should they be put?

What to do with arms?
They cause such trouble.
Where should they be put, insuring
Sleep occurs in comfort.

They cause such trouble:
Recently the news is bleak.
No sleep occurs in comfort —
Too many lives are lost.

Recently the news is bleak.
Is sleeping really best?
Too many lives are lost.
The question lingers.