Photo Dump

I have redone things on the computer, moving all the photography to an external hard drive (all thanks to Dan, since I’m clueless about these things!), and because of that I’ve neglected the pattyo.

Oh shoot … I neglect it even without doing a major switcharoo. I just can’t keep up with this blog. It has merely become a “dump site” for photography, and even that I’m not managing well. I am going to try and do some larger photo drops here, and then decide if I even want to keep this site going after I get those all posted. Sometimes it’s best to just say goodbye, you know?

Anyway, stay tuned for a lot of photo dumps now.

Photo Dump, March 2016

Gazania, 3.25.14

Pink Dianthus in Black & White, 3.24.14

Antirrhinum, 3.24.14

White Camellia (I), 3.18.16



Unsharp: Lupine on Green, 3.17.16



Lilac Flowers_(II),_3.14.16

Lilacs (I), 3.14.16

Unsharp: Bluebells (II), 3.5.14

Elizabeth, 2.23.16

Morning Near the Bridge:
Morning Near the Bridge (I), 3.14.14

Morning Near the Bridge (II), 3.14.14

One from Yosemite:
Yosemite: Bare Trees, 2.28.16

One from New York … and most certainly NOT an endorsement.

Pondering Numbers

Jameson is 26. When I was 26 I had my first child.
Brandon is 33. When I was 33 I had three children.

I have worked since I was in my teens, started playing professionally when I was 17 and I landed my symphony job when I was 18.
I am now nearing 60.

I was just mulling these numbers over in my head.

Time is such a strange, strange thing!

There is a part of me that would love to retire now and travel. How much would I miss performing, really? Hm.

Ah well … perhaps the next five years will race by.

I can dream.

And here is my photo dump for the day … things I posted mostly while we were on our Death Valley & Southern California trip:

Iris Abstract, 3.4.14

Orange & Yellow against Green, 3.21.14

Pink Ranunculus (II), 3.18.16

Red Ranunculus (I), 3.18.16

Red Rose, 3.24.14

Salmon Tulips, 3.20.14

Sparaxis, 3.17.14

White Freesia, 3.27.13

Wisteria (II), 3.17.14

Yellow and Red Wave, 3.10.14

In Death Valley

I admit it: I flaked on an early wake-up time and G Dan Mitchell went off on his own. Now I regret it.

Yes, I knew I’d regret it. I did it anyway.

So it goes … I made the choice and I must live with it and the regret of missing the sunrise one last time on the dunes.

Our stay in Death Valley ends today, and we head off to visit Kelsey & Mel. I’m excited about that. Just wish I hadn’t stupidly said I’d sleep in.

I can’t really work on photos much until I get home: a small laptop screen and my eyes are not very compatible. This is just a quick pic:

Sand, Sky, Clouds, 3.30.16
Sand, Sky, Clouds, 3.30.16

Grateful Hearing

Some weeks ago my hearing got worse than normal (I have an issue of tinnitus and hearing loss with my left ear as it is). I was pretty darn sure I had suffered another loss, and it was rather significant this time. The word “retirement”, while appealing in some ways, did not make me happy when attached to “forced”, which is what I thought might happen. I want to retire on my own terms and in my own time if possible. I attempted to make an appointment with my otologist but dear Kaiser seemed to have misplaced or lost my info regarding having access to her at any time. Initially they told me I’d have to make an appointment with my regular doctor and get a referral even to have a hearing test, but after some persuading the nurse allowed me an appointment to at least get the test. I’m supposed to have those annually, but they seemed to have lost that information as well. I was rather surprised, as I’ve had, for the most part, excellent service from Kaiser. In any case, the appointment was made, and I then had to wait several weeks.

When I finally went in the woman first checked to see if my ears were functioning as they should for a hearing test. Ah-hah! My bad misbehaving left ear was “just” full of wax. Having never had that in my life before I hadn’t a clue that was what had happened. After a very painful session with a rather callous doctor, getting the wax removed, I went back for the hearing test and while there was a bit of change (expected, really) it wasn’t nearly as significant as I feared.

I guess I’ll continue to work for a few years more at least!

I’m grateful.

Here … some photos for your time … and your ear (or eye, really!) …

Wisteria floribunda, 3.8.16


Unsharp: Bluebells (I), 3.5.14

First Shot: Yellow Tulip, 3.15.16




White iris (I), 3.21.16