A Person of Good Standing

My Apple watch keeps track of active calories burned, exercise and “standing”. If I sit too long, it tells me to get up and move a bit. Of course it does this when I’m rehearsing and performing and, well, I can’t heed the call at that point! Each Monday I then get the results of my past week.

I hereby announce that I am a person of good standing.


Yep. Truly.

Last week I met my standing goal each and every day. Whew!

The other things, though … well … I missed a few days of calories burned or exercise done. Schedules can mess with me that way. If I burn a ton more on one day it won’t let me apply those to the next day, either. (Boo hoo!)Apple_Watch_Week,_1.17-24.16



Today I’ve already met the two more important goals. I guess now I have to work very very hard on standing.


Okay, for putting up with all of that here … have some flowers I posted this past week on various social media sites as well as my photo site. Pink & White Dahlia, 9.12.14

Pink Larkspur,_Squared,_5.5.15

White Tulip, 3.16.15

Blue Green & Yellow (II), 3.16.15

First Shot: Leptospermum, 1.20.16

Pink Tulip wih Water Drops, 3.19.15

Pale Pink Camellia, 1.27.14


Snow & Branches, 12.31.15

Gratitude Sunday

It’s past time to write about being grateful! I’ve been in a funk and I’ve not good any specific reason for that, but there you go. Still, even in a funk one can be grateful, right? I think so, anyway!

I was about to list all the reasons I could give for this funk ‘o mine, but hey, why go there? Instead, how about these people we visited over Christmas that gave me all kinds of reasons to be a grateful girl? The only thing that would have filled the gratefulness box even more would have been to have our SoCal kids, Kelsey and Mel, with us as well!

So here they are … four reasons for gratitude this fine Sunday morning. Five, really: these were made using my iPhone, while we were at our private celebratory dinner at Fedora in NYC!


Brandon & Lia, 12.22.15

Getting Over Myself

There are a few things going on that are stressing me out.

My ear is worse than usual: the tinnitus is so darn loud, and frequently I hear a pulsing whoosh as well. It makes me want to scream.

I’ve thought and said some really stupid things recently. REALLY stupid. I hate when I do that, and I do it far too frequently. I’m mad at myself. I’m embarrassed. I don’t know how to fix things.

BUT (always a but, right?) …

I’m alive. I’m pretty healthy. I’m quite blessed by my children, their partners and I have a great husband.

I need to deal and shut up!

I’ve been reading posts by people who have health issues. Others are dealing with a loss of a job. Some have just lost dear loved ones.

So gratitude. I want to live in gratitude. I want to be quiet about things I’m unhappy with (although I certainly didn’t succeed at the start of this post, eh?)

I want to appreciate what I have. I want to appreciate others.

I want, I want, I want … will it never end?

Allium, 6.3.15

Gratitude Sunday

For a few years I posted a daily “Day of Gratitude” photo. I loved doing that, because it helped me think about the positive even when I’m feeling grumpy, but I didn’t do this in 2015. It had started to become a burden and a worry: I worried that I’d miss a day. I worried that I had nothing worth posting photographically. I even worried that I was boring people to tears.

So much for that.

This year … No worries! I will post when I’m up for it, and I’m currently hoping and planning to do so on Sundays. Sometimes I may post one photo and sometimes more, depending upon my mood and how much time I have available. If it bores some, so be it. No one is being forced to look at these, after all! :-)

Todays is a two-fer.

I’m SO very grateful for this man ‘o mine! He has made my life much richer than I could have imagined. He has taught me a great deal. He makes me laugh. And shoot, he’s a good cook, too! Happy 40th anniversary to my guy and fabulous photographer! I love this adventure we are on!

Dan on the Brooklyn Bridge, 12.26.15
Dan on the Brooklyn Bridge, 12.26.15

Another wonderful event was our trip to the central valley on New Year’s Day. We met up with friends and had a wonderful time visiting with each other and with the birds! I’m already looking forward to 2017!

Sunrise on New Year’s Day with Geese, 1.1.16
Sunrise on New Year's Day with Geese, 1.1.16